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  • Our latest project is a back to school video campaign for Smart Style Hair Salons. We made a :15 digital stop-motion ad with a :06 cutdown showcasing Smart Style’s current back to school express haircut promotion. Smart Style Salons are inside Walmarts nationwide and the company is owned by Regis Corporation. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with this brand and flex our creativity working with actors in stop-motion.      

  • We recently had the privilege of working with Exuviance and NeoStrata skincare brands for our second collaboration. This project consisted of six short social media videos promoting their newest line of products.

  • Our latest video for Warner Brothers in promotion of the upcoming Justice League Movie and Hot Wheels is now out! The video introduces all of the Hot Wheels cars that represent each super hero in the film, as they stand off and come together in a dark apocalyptic city. Thank you to the consumer products team at Warner Brothers and our cast for making this video come to life!    

  • Johnson and Johnson’s new skincare brand Exuviance recently reached out to us about creating a series of stop-motion videos for their social media channels. The Performance Peel is the first video to be released in this 7-part video series, each featuring a different skincare product. We animated the Performance Peel box and packets by hand on solid colored paper and combined it with a digital page peel effect. Check out the video below!

  • Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to create a series of 6 videos for Los Angeles based mochi brand My/Mo Mochi! Each video was animated in stop-motion with actors in front of colorful backdrops and focused on a different snacking occasion. Our final deliverables were 6 videos for social media ( in 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios), GIFS, and stills. Thanks to our wonderful cast and crew we ended up with one of our favorite video series!      

  • We made two stop-motion videos for European cosmetics brand Catrice Cosmetics. The videos we hand animated using the products and color-matched paint.

  • Recently we were asked to create a video for Gerber Grabbers with the new Smart Flow cap! The video features a simple meal idea for toddlers in stop-motion style on bright colorful backdrops. Check out the video that features the Apple Sweet Potato Cinnamon Gerber Grabber! 

  • We recently created a 15 second TV commercial for Ritz Cracker in promotion of their delicious game day recipe “Tailgate Sliders.” The ad was animated in stop-motion by our very talented friend Musa Brooker and shot by cinematographer Eric Adkins.  The ad was not only promoted heavily on Ritz’s Facebook and Youtube Channel, but was also aired two nights in a row on the World Series in front of an audience of 17+ million viewers per night. 

  • Quaker Canada recently came to us for two 15 second commercials (in English and French) that showcase all the premium ingredients in their new Harvest Bars. The bars enabled us to shoot slow-motion video footage full of appetite appeal and natural ingredients such as Cherries, Almonds, Cranberries, Oats, and Chocolate.  Our friends at Neat Edit helped bring the final cuts together in a perfect montage of fast-paced shots!  

  • To top off a very busy year at La Di Da Films, we got the opportunity to create a holiday campaign of television commercials for Nabisco! As part of larger sweepstakes and promotional effort celebrating Nabisco’s 115 Year Anniversary, we created a series of high quality stop-motion recipe videos for some of their most popular products – Oreo, HoneyMaid, Triscuit, Nilla, and Ritz Crackers. The videos used stop-motion to quickly show people at home how to make each of these delicious signatu

  • In addition to the elaborate series of holiday recipe videos we created this season for Nabisco US, we got asked to create one more for Cadbury Canada! We turned their delicious recipe “Rocky Road Bars” into an adorable Christmas themed recipe video, in which we show each step of how to make the dessert through stop-motion animation and on-screen text.  The end result was a fantastic video that Cadbury promoted on Youtube and Facebook. The video currently has over 2 Million views on Youtube alon

  • We recently created two stop-motion videos that showcase the all new Doritos Mix flavors (Taco Explosion and Cheese Explosion). The bags were each placed on complimentary backdrop colors and animated by hand to explode into the variety of flavors included in the bags. We used this opportunity as a fun way to experiment with animating chips and try out a tongue and cheek style!

  • This fall we had the incredible opportunity to work with Warner Brothers on a stop-motion video series for Scooby Doo. We ended up with a series of 6 videos that are each up to 1 minute in length. The videos corresponded to seasonal events such as Back to School, Halloween, and Christmas.  Each video features easy to make recipes that are tied into Scooby Doo. The videos were promoted on Scooby Doo’s official Facebook and Instagram pages and received a high number of engagements! 

  • This summer we were inspired to create a series of stop-motion videos that feature some of our favorite beauty and fashion products in creative ways! By using simple props such as flowers, we were able to bring classic fragrances like Chanel No.5, Guerlain, and Marc Jacobs Daisy to life in an elegant and visually enticing style. We also created short videos that showcased adorable outfits, accessories, and beauty products and paired them with colorful solid backdrops. 

  • Our latest summer project is a 15 second ad for Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries! The ad features a delicious montage of recipe ideas that all feature Craisins in unique ways. The product is perfect for a healthy snack or meal in any season and time of day. The commercial was shot by our talented cinematographer friend Robert Lam and stars actress Meggan Kaiser. Check out this spot for some instant summertime cooking inspiration! 

  • We recently got the opportunity to work with General Mills and create a series of 4 stop-motion videos that introduce the new flavors of Gluten-Free Cheerios! The concept was to bring each flavor to life with vivid colors and animate the cereal and boxes by hand. We also integrated a lettering technique, in which we spelled out computer generated text by hand with hundreds of Cheerios in order to convey important brand messaging.  The final result were 4 unique videos that are all tied together

  • We created a fun stop-motion digital ad for Quaker Canada’s new Chewy Bar flavor – Banana Chocolate Chip! The video features hand animated stop-motion shots of the product as well as slow-motion close-ups of each of the main ingredients. The final videos were delivered in English and French for the online digital ad campaign in Canada.  

  • La Di Da Films was asked to create 5 unique Cinematic pins for LEGO!

  • We created a series of cinematic pins for Nabisco to use on Pinterest during the holiday season! Each recipe is delicious and features a different Nabisco brand (Oreo, Triscuit, Nilla, Ritz, HoneyMaid, and Wheat Thins).

  • Were working with French’s on a series consisting of 6 Thanksgiving recipes! Videos coming this November : )

  • We’re wrapping a commercial series for the leading producer of applesauce, MOTT’S. Can’t wait to share with you : )

  • This week we’re working with French’s on a new series of videos featuring French’s French Fried Onions. More on this project soon!

  • We traveled to Athens Greece to document the story of Agata Darlasi and her classroom who bring stories to life through the technique of stop moton! We can’t wait to share Agata’s story with you!  

  • La Di Da Films puts that S*&% on Everything in a six part series for Frank’s Red Hot. See our project page for our fun take on BBQ Season!    

  • Tongal who we have to thank for all of our latest work chose to recognize us this month as the Tongaler of the Month. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a supportive creative community. Check out our interview with Team Tongal after the jump.  

  • Yankee Candle asked us to create a commercial for Mother’s Day! We had a blast working with our fantastic actors Janna Cardia, Maddie, and Ashlyn Kindberg. Check out the video below.

  • This month Kraft asked us to create 5 stop motion style videos introducing TwistThatDish their new recipe website. Visit our portfolio to see our work for Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Mac & Cheese and more.

  • We created a series of stop-motion recipe videos for HoneyMaid Graham Crackers! Each recipe creates a fun twist on a holiday recipe.